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SBY x LMC Cheetah Stripe Clear Monogram Fortune CUSTOM Clutch

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Designed with the intention to uplift and empower others.
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SBY x LMC is a collaboration of Styles by Yaniece and Lisa M Chin.  
This cheetah collection was created with the intention to empower women.

The cheetah symbolizes self esteem, speed, focus.  Unlike other wild cats, they don't jump on their prey, they run after it.  This spirit animal helps
us determine our goals and then maintain focus in achieving them, in the fastest possible way.

The fortune is inspired by our thoughts, it's a reminder that what you think and believe, you can achieve.  

Custom monogram orders take 3 days and you have the choice of one of the two fortune tabs that are removable and can be used as a key chain as
well as a wristlet.

- 12"W x 7" H x .5" W
- You can also purchase a fortune tab separately for $15 each.

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