Where Music meets Art and Art meets Fashion...

Welcome to STORE 242!


We’re an independently owned and operated boutique located in Los Angeles, California. We offer a wide variety of goods ranging from our exclusive lines CYMI and LMC, to curated designer and vintage items, and merchandise from PharcydeTV appearances.  


STORE242 was founded in 2017 as a brick and mortar destination showcasing our love for fashion and music. While searching for a place to record and produce PharcydeTV, we stumbled upon the perfect location to combine these passions together. We feature quality clothing and jewelry, as well as host pop-ups featuring various DJs and artists.


STORE242 is named after a number that has always presented itself at significant points in our lives. When the three digits are added together they equal 8, symbolizing infinity and also prosperity in Chinese culture–we hope to cultivate the same energy within STORE242 and to share it with everyone who walks in.



Lisa Chin realized her love for fashion when she was in junior high. Back in the day, she’d attend the monthly sample sales in the LA Garment District, while visiting her aunt who ran Milli’s Handbag and Shoe Store off the main corner of the LA Marts. After attending FIDM, she began her career in fashion and has spent the last 24 years designing, selling, styling and curating clothing and jewelry.


STORE242 displays Lisa’s diverse taste in fashion from one of kind vintage pieces to more contemporary styles for women. She curates every item to ensure that each piece is relevant to current trends, affordable at each price point, and the perfect fit. 



Romye Robinson, known professionally as Bootie Brown from The Pharcyde, is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. Romye’s affiliation with The Pharcyde paved the way for STORE242 and PharcydeTV–a one-stop-shop for Pharcyde fans and curious shoppers. In addition, Romye, along with his partner, have ran their own printing facility for over 15 years.


STORE242 isn’t oversaturated with Pharcyde merchandise, rather it’s an ode to their LA roots and love for art as a whole. You’ll find the perfect blend of nostalgic and modern pieces exclusive to this store.